With Capital of 39 Coldplay Concert Tickets, Gischa was Desperate to Trick Thousands of Victims up to 2,268 Tickets

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Kombes Pol Susatyo Purnomo Condro displays the woman suspected of being the mastermind behind the Coldplay concert ticket fraud, Ghisca Debora Aritonang (GDA) during a press conference at the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat Headquarters, Monday, (20/11).

Jakarta – The mastermind behind the Coldplay concert ticket fraud, Ghisca Debora Aritonang (GDA) has officially become a suspect and is languishing in the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat detention room. In carrying out his deceptive actions, apparently he had extraordinary reckless capital with only 39 tickets.

As said by the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat Kombes Pol Susatyo Purnomo Chondro, Ghisca got the 39 tickets using a ticket war. After that, Ghisca offered his friend to become a reseller.

With his extraordinary cunning, Gischa was able to use the capital of 39 tickets to commit fraud of up to 2,268 tickets, which, if converted into rupiah, was worth around Rp5.1 billion.

“The method is, after the ticket war, which was around mid-May, the GDA also got around 39 tickets and they were handed over,” said Kapolres Susatyo, Monday, (20/11).

In more detail regarding Gischa, the Kapolres Susatyo also said that the suspect had traveled to the Netherlands in the period May-November 2023. This is known from traffic data on Gischa’s passport, which was also confiscated.

“Yes, he went to the Netherlands from last May-November,” said the jasmine officer, who graduated from the 1998 Parama Satwika Akpol Battalion.

He also said that currently his party is still investigating reports from victims regarding Ghisca’s embezzlement of Coldplay concert tickets by looking at the confiscated evidence and documents. After that, his party only carried out development of the evidence.

“Until now, we are still investigating all the information provided by the public regarding money flowing to the Netherlands and so on. We have also confiscated passports. We are checking travel and what was done abroad. Please take the time for us to continue developing this case,” Kapolres Susatyo stressed. Bembo

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