The Itaewon Tragedy Provokes the Initiation of the Metro Police to Organize FGD Events with Stakeholders

Kapolda Metro Jaya, Inspector General Pol Moh Fadil Imran delivered his remarks at the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) with stakeholders in the context of organizing events within the jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya, Wednesday (22/11).

Jakarta — Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General Pol Moh Fadil Imran accompanied by Deputy for Tourism Products and Organizing Activities (Events), Expert Staff for the Minister for Crisis Management, Expert Staff for the Minister for Innovation and Creativity at the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and Assistant DKI Jakarta Government led the Forum Group Discussion event ( FGD) with stakeholders in the context of organizing events within the jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya, Wednesday (22/11).

The event took place at the Metro Jaya Meeting Hall (BPMJ) Building and was attended by key officials (PJU) of the Metro Police, the Head of Police and staff, as well as representatives of the DKI Jakarta BPNB Covid-19 Task Force.

Also present were the general chairman of the Promoter, the general chairman of Backsatagers Indonesia, the general chairman of Ivendo, the general chairman of Asperapi, the general chairman of Fesmi and other related parties.

In his remarks, the Kapolda Metro conveyed directions from President Joko Widodo regarding the creative industry. The meaning of the creative industry here is the future industry which plays a major role in supporting all people without exception. The workforce in this sector is also predicted to grow in the range of 5.9 percent annually.

Based on Indonesia’s Tourism & Creative Economy Outlook 2021 issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the creative economy sector is one of the leading sectors.

“As a leading sector, this sector was able to contribute Rp. 1,000 trillion in state revenue in 2017. This figure increased in 2018 to Rp. 1,105 trillion, and rose again to Rp. 1,211 trillion in 2019,” explained Inspector General Fadil.

He also said that the background for holding the Forum Group Discussion refers to the Itaewon Tragedy and the Singing and Goyang Concert at Istora Senayan. As is known, security and safety standards for the organizers of the two events did not go according to the expected rules.

Therefore, Fadil Imran continued, the target of organizing this forum is lowering technical rules regarding procedures and requirements for obtaining crowd permits.

The next target is to strengthen regulations regarding crowd control, continuously hold technical discussions about K-3 factors that must be maintained, including socio-cultural phenomena that need attention.

Furthermore, Kapolda Fadil also said that Polda Metro Jaya’s position in this context was as a facilitator. “The National Police wants to support the creative industry (especially MICE). There is no intention to hinder, let alone make it difficult,” he said.

At the end of the delivery, Kapolda Fadil also hopes that in the implementation of each event in the future, detailed and detailed regulations regarding the technical implementation of events and collaboration of all stakeholders in the event ecosystem will be created. This is very important because it is a parameter that ensures that the event will run professionally.

“Education and outreach about crowd control management must also be intense. Not to forget, the promoter and organizer management module is also prepared, as well as determining a variety of adequate venues that are in line with the typology of activities,” said Fadil Imran ending his delivery. bembo

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