Polres Bogor Rotate Kapolsek, Kasat Reskrim and Kasat Narkoba

A number of Kapolsek, Kasat Reskrim, Kasat Narkoba, and officials at the Polres Bogor were transferred. The handover ceremony was held at the Polres Bogor, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, Tuesday (19/9). Photo: Polres Bogor Doc.

Bogor – Polres Bogor rotated a number of Kapolsek, Kasat Reskrim, Kasat Narkoba, and other officials. The handover ceremony was held at the Polres Bogor, Cibinong District, Bogor Regency, Tuesday, (19/9).

In his mandate, Kapolres Bogor AKBP Rio Wahyu Anggoro said that the handover of this position was a planned process with the aim of rolling out management dynamics according to the needs of the organization.

The process of rotation of positions, he continued, will provide new officials with position space as well as advance their careers to the next level of position in accordance with the dedication of competition and loyalty given to this unit.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the old officials for their dedication while serving as Head of Division, Kasat, and Kapolsek for what they have done. Hopefully it will become a field for charity and hopefully the new place will be even better,” said the Kapolres Rio.

“For new officers, welcome to the Polres Bogor. It is hoped that they will quickly adapt to their environment and be able to carry out their duties with a full sense of responsibility,” he continued.

The following is the rotation of the Kapolsek and Polres Bogor officials:

1. AKBP Supriyanto, Kapolsek Cisarua, became the First Policy Analysis for Human Resources for Polres Bogor.

2. AKP Eddy Santosa, Kapolsek Megamendung becomes Kapolsek Cisarua.

3. AKP Dedi Hermawan, Kapolsek Jasinga becomes Kapolsek Megamendung.

4. AKP Jony Handoko, Kapolsek Nanggung becomes Kapolsek Jasinga.

5. Iptu Ade Kamsa, Head of Traffic Unit for Polsek Cisarua, becomes Kapolsek Nanggung.

6. Kompol Ita Puspita Lena, Head of Logistics Division of Polres Bogor, became the First Policy Analysis in the Human Resources Sector of Polres Bogor.

7. Kompol Ari Trisnawati, Kapolsek Kemang, becomes Head of Logistics Division for Polres Bogor.

8. AKP Muhammad Taufik, Head of the Bekpal Baglog Subdivision of Polres Bogor, is the Kapolsek Kemang.

9. Kompol Zulkarnaen, Kapolsek Cileungsi, became Head of Unit 2 of the Tourism Sub-Directorate of the Polda Jabar Ditpamobvit.

10. AKP Yohannes Redhoi Sigiro, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Polres Bogor Police, becomes Kapolsek Cileungsi.

11. AKP Muhammad Ilham, Kasat Narkoba Polres Bogor becomes Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Polres Bogor.

12. AKP Deni Nurcahyadi, Kasat Reskrim Polres Garut, becomes Kasat Narkoba Polres Bogor.

13. Iptu Agus Hidayat, Kapolsek Tamansari, becomes first officer Polres Bogor.

14. Iptu Jajang, Kaurbinopsnal of the Polres Bogor Binmas Unit becomes Kapolsek Tamansari. Bembo

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