Mahatma Gandhi’s Sayings Magic Soleh Hudin Becomes a Laptop Owner

Soleh Hudin Azhar.

Jakarta– The spiritual leader and most important figure in the Indian Independence Movement, Mahatma Gandhi once said in his life; “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory”. “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, putting in full effort is the real victory.”

This remark, perhaps, was never known to Soleh Hudin Azhar. But without realizing it, the meaning of the words he had actually lived and conjured him to become a successful entrepreneur.

Soleh Hudin is a young retail entrepreneur who was born on September 21, 1992. He is known as a skipper or trader of laptops and other electronic goods with an outlet flag. Adrian Laptop Store.

Soleh Hudin started this business in 2013 or 10 years ago. And unexpectedly, within a decade, Soleh Hudin’s serious efforts were in fact able to achieve a real victory.

Soleh Hudin Azhar.

Soleh Hudin’s Adrian Laptop Store business development process is considered to be going fast. Starting from his own business selling 1 to 2 laptops in a rented house and without employees, Soleh Hudin slowly began to build his fortune with great patience.

And that patience finally paid off. Soleh Hudin began to have the ‘macho’ financial ability to open an outlet in a crowded area on Jl KH Hasyim Ashari Number 46, Karang Tengah, Ciledug, Kota Tangerang, Banten.

His self-worth was boosted when he was able to employ other people as employees at his outlet. Each year, the number of employees increases as the business grows rapidly.

“And now we have also started to expand into Tangerang laptop distributors and supply laptops to all traders in Indonesia,” said the husband of Siska Arianti.


Seeing his current figure as a retail entrepreneur with a turnover of hundreds of millions of rupiah per month and dozens of employees, no one would have thought that Soleh Hudin used to be an employee of a Japanese restaurant and a pâtissier or pastry chef and baker at The Dharmawangsa Hotel.

Soleh Hudin was also a factory employee in Tanah Abang and a demo chef traveling around pastry and bread in malls and traditional markets.

After feeling tired of being a salaried person, Soleh Hudin then dared himself to open a PS (PlayStation) rental business and open a home-made cake business. But not for long and finally closed.

In the midst of his despair, the inspiration suddenly came to him to open a business selling laptops. But it didn’t work right away. The son of a tailor in Cidodol, Kebayoran Lama and a casual laborer, he chose to do mind racing first and made careful calculations.

After he felt his calculations were accurate, then he dared to take a step. And it has been proven, the calculations starting from the rented house are indeed very accurate.

Soleh Hudin, who has an Instagram account @soleh.azhar21 and @adrian_elektronik, said that his selling business at the Adrian Laptop Store was selling well. And that’s really very grateful. Many customers who repeat orders to stores and sell laptops are also always invaded by buyers every day.

Adrian Laptop Store.

This, he continued, could happen because his party always innovates to design attractive promo schemes and giveaways to the public every day. And for the next development, Soleh Hudin also said he had set a target to open Adrian Laptop Store branches throughout Indonesia.

“I want to be able to benefit many people. Being able to open a branch means I open job vacancies for other people. And I’m really grateful for that. Just pray that this will materialize soon,” he said smiling. Bembo

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