Last Day in Office, Panglima Yudo Margono Exercised Together and Said Goodbye at TNI Headquarters

On his last day as Panglima TNI, Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono did sports with TNI Headquarters soldiers, Tuesday, (21/11).

Jakarta – On the last day of his tenure as Panglima TNI, Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono did sports with TNI Headquarters personnel, at TNI Headquarters Plaza Cilangkap, East Jakarta, Tuesday, (21/11).

This activity is also a sign of togetherness, friendship and communication to foster cohesiveness between TNI Headquarters personnel from various Work Units (Satker) that are far apart.

On this occasion, Panglima Yudo also invited all TNI Headquarters personnel to maintain unity because TNI Headquarters is an example and leading sector of Force Headquarters.

“TNI Headquarters must be more professional, modern, know everything from others. If Force Headquarters asks, every TNI Headquarters personnel must be able to answer,” said Panglima Yudo.

Furthermore, Panglima Yudo also hopes that the soldiers will not commit violations in carrying out their duties.

“TNI Headquarters personnel must be clean and avoid violations. This must be maintained if it can be better so that it can become an example for Force Headquarters personnel,” he stressed.

At the end of his term of leadership, Panglima Yudo also said goodbye to all TNI Headquarters personnel because they would enter retirement on November 26 2023.

“Tomorrow I will hand over my position and on the 26th I will enter full service. Thank you for the dedication of loyalty and togetherness of all, thank you for the support of all soldiers, officers, non-commissioned officers, enlisted men and civil servants at TNI Headquarters who have supported my duties so that I can carry out my main duties,” explained Panglima Yudo at the end of his statement. Bembo

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