Kapolda Karyoto Opens Restorative Juctice Options for Domestic Violence Cases in Depok

Kapolda Metro Jaya, Inspector General Pol Karyoto at the Depok Metro Police.

Jakarta – Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General Karyoto opened up restorative justice options in cases of domestic violence or domestic violence in Depok. This husband and wife who are currently fighting and going viral will be reunited when their conditions improve.

“If possible for restorative justice we will do it, because the spirit of the Domestic Violence Law is to reunite a family,” said Kapolda Karyoto at the Depok Metro Police, Thursday, (25/5) yesterday.

Husband and wife who are in dispute is increasingly being discussed because both of them report to each other. Then they were both suspects, but the husband was detained, while his wife was detained.

But now both of them have received a suspension of detention and the husband has been given time to seek treatment. Meanwhile, the wife is given time and space to calm down.

“The reason is that it is appropriate and reasonable for what investigators are doing during the investigation process,” said Kapolda Karyoto.

Kapolda Karyoto has also asked for an explanation from the Investigation Investigators of the Depok Metro Police regarding the handling of the case. This husband and wife became suspects, but the husband was given a suspension of treatment on the grounds of treatment.

He also ensured that cases were handled according to procedure. Although in the end this domestic violence case was taken over by Polda Metro Jaya and handled by the Subdirectorate for Youth, Children and Women (Renakta) Polda Metro Jaya.

“According to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code, it is still according to the procedure. There may only be assumptions, yes, assumptions made by netizens because this image has been uploaded on social media,” said Kapolda Karyoto.

Kapolda Karyoto pays special attention to this case of domestic violence in Depok after attracting a lot of public attention. In fact, he said, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md also participated in monitoring this case.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko said that his party would handle this case directly. Investigators from the Depok Metro Police will also assist if needed.

“Seeing also from the aspect of the context of completeness capability, both structurally the ability of personnel, then this case will be carried out by Polda Metro Jaya at the Directorate of General Criminal Investigation,” he said. Bembo

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