Get to Know the H225M Helicopter, the Newest Force Air Squadron 8 Atang Sendjaja Air Base

Airbus Helicopters H225M.

Bogor – Eight H225M (formerly EC 725) Caracal helicopters are the newest force for Air Squadron 8, Atang Sendjaja Air Base, Bogor.

This H225M helicopter has gone through the re-assembly process at PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) at the end of November 2023. The H-225M helicopter was handed over by the Eurocopter Group as the latest generation in the Super Puma family.

The Airbus Helicopters H225M is equipped with various advanced and superior features, making it a very efficient long-range transport helicopter.

This helicopter is designed as a multi-role military transport helicopter for transporting troops and logistics, Air Medical Assistance (PMU) as well as Search and Rescue (SAR) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) duties.

This helicopter can also be used for VIP/VVIP flights, sling operations, logistics deliveries, water bombing, and others.

Cougar can carry a maximum load of 11,200 kg or 24,692 lb with external loads, making it easy to carry out various air transport operations missions.

This helicopter is manned by two crew (pilot and copilot) and one Air Helmsman, and can accommodate 28 troop personnel. The helicopter is powered by a pair of Makila 2A1 turboshaft engines made by Turbomeca, each with a capacity of 2,156 shp.

In terms of performance, the maximum flying speed reaches 324 km/hour with a flying height of up to 5,343 m or 4110 feet and a distance of up to 920 km.

With its capabilities, the H225M has become the Indonesian Air Force’s defense equipment which is very important in supporting the successful implementation of its duties, both Military War Operation (OMP) and Non-War Military Operations (OMSP) duties.

Simultaneously with the handover of the H225M helicopter, one H225M Level D Full Flight Simulator unit will also be handed over, along with supporting facilities and infrastructure.

This simulator is a replica designed specifically for the H225M helicopter, so that pilots will be able to apply and copy the controls or functions of each existing tool when they are on a real helicopter for training purposes.

With a combination of advanced features, high speed and multifunctional capabilities, the H225M provides a new dimension for the Indonesian Air Force in increasing operational capabilities in responding to increasingly complex challenges in future tasks.

The procurement of defense equipment also provides technological benefits for domestic industry, where PT Dirgantara Indonesia, as a member of Holding Defense ID, must improve its technological capabilities and products progressively, according to the needs and technical specifications of users.

This has an impact on encouraging an independent and sovereign defense industry to provide defense equipment for national defense purposes, as well as making Indonesia a developed and competitive country. Bembo

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