Family of Two Babies Switched Report Sentosa Hospital to Polres Bogor

Kapolres Bogor, AKBP Rio Wahyu Anggoro.

Bogor – A family of two swapped babies in Bogor Regency, West Java, reported the Sentosa Hospital (RS) regarding the incident of their babies being swapped to the Polres Bogor. The report is registered under LP STBL/B/1597/IX/2023/SPKT/RES BGR/POLDA JBR number.

Responding to the entry of this report, the Kapolres Bogor, AKBP Rio Wahyu Anggoro promised to immediately follow up on the investigation.

“Yes, definitely (will be investigated),” he told the media crew, Saturday, (2/9).

He continued, every report from the public will definitely be followed up. The progress of the investigation will be conveyed to the reporter.

“We will definitely follow up,” he said again.

Previously, the parents of the two babies who were swapped in Bogor Regency, West Java, officially reported the Sentosa Hospital to the Polres Bogor. They reported the hospital for alleged criminal acts which resulted in the two babies being switched.

“We have reported the alleged crime related to the swapping of babies belonging to our client and colleagues at Sentosa Hospital,” said Mrs. Dian’s lawyer, Binsar Aritonang, to reporters at the Headquarters of the Polres Bogor, Friday, (1/9) yesterday.

Binsar said that his party reported the hospital as a corporation, not as an individual. His party has also provided preliminary information on the report for five hours.

“Checked from 16.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB, there were lots of (questions),” he said. Bembo

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