CSB, Fugitive Fraudulent Artist Jedar Arrested by Polda Metro in Thailand and Returned to Indonesia Tonight

Jessica Iskandar alias Jedar, victim of car fraud from fugitive Christoper Steffanus Budianto (CSB) who was arrested by the Polda Metro Jaya team in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jakarta – The escape of fugitive Christopher Steffanus Budianto (CSB), suspected con artist Jessica Iskandar, known as Jedar, is over. CSB was successfully arrested by the Polda Metro Jaya team in Thailand and will be repatriated today using the Garuda GA 869 aircraft, Tuesday, (21/11) to his homeland.

“The plan is to return home today. Via Terminal III at Soetta Airport tonight at 21.00 WIB and be picked up by the Subdit Ranmor Polda Metro Jaya team,” said Head of the Indonesian Police’s Intermediary Division, Irjen Pol Krishna Murti, Tuesday, (21/11).

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Meanwhile, CSB’s return, continued Irjen Pol Krisna Murti, will be escorted by a team led by the Head of the NCB Secretariat, Divhubinter Polri Kombes Pol Audie S Latuheru and Kasubdit Ranmor Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya Kompol Yuliansyah.

He also explained that National Police Attaché Kombes Pol Endon Nurcahyo had coordinated with the Royal Thai Police and Thai Immigration regarding the schedule for the repatriation of CSB suspects.

For your information, CSB was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand. The fugitive in the alleged car fraud case was caught due to police to police cooperation between the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the Thai Police.

CSB was wanted in several countries after fleeing after committing fraud. Until finally he was detected in Thailand and caught there.

The CSB case started with a car storage business plan carried out by Jedar with the reported man with the initials CSB. Jedar initially left his car with the reported party to rent it out later.

As time went by, the reported CSB then offered Jedar a car rental business. He asked Jedar for some money to buy a car later.

Jedar agreed. He then sent the reported amount of money to almost Rp10 billion.

However, what the perpetrator promised regarding the car rental business did not match reality. Jedar also considered that the reported party did not have good faith in explaining the fate of the money he had sent.

Jedar finally reported the case to Polda Metro Jaya on June 15 2022. He reported CSB on suspicion of criminal acts under Article 378 and/or 372 of the Criminal Code concerning Fraud.

Jedar’s report is registered with the number LP/B/2947/VI/2022/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA and the case is being handled by the Ditreskrimum of Polda Metro Jaya. Jedar admitted that a number of his luxury cars and some money were taken away by CSB.

“There are a total of 11 cars. The money is 30 thousand US dollars, which is worth a total of Rp9.8 billion. There is an agreement for each,” explained Jedar at that time.

Polda Metro Jaya finally named CSB as a suspect. A number of attempts were made by Polda Metro Jaya to arrest CSB at that time. But apparently he was known to have left Indonesia before being reported by Jedar.

The Ditreskrimum of Polda Metro Jaya through the National Police’s Interpol Division then submitted a red notice for the CSB suspect to Interpol. CSB is also known to have fled to several countries and was finally detected in Thailand until caught. Bembo

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