At the End of His Term of Office, Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono Exit Briefing to All Soldiers

Panglima TNI Laksamana Yudo Margono and his potential successor Jenderal TNI Agus Subiyanto at the TNI Commander exit briefing event.

Jakarta – At the end of his term as Panglima TNI, Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono had the opportunity to conduct an exit briefing or say goodbye to all his soldiers. At this moment, Panglima Yudo also handed over a memorandum and asset data for the TNI Headquarters Organizational Unit (UO) to the new official candidate, Jenderal TNI Agus Subianto. This event was held at the Gatot Soebroto Hall, TNI Cilangkap Headquarters, East Jakarta, Monday, (20/11).

The Panglima TNI said that the purpose of the exit briefing and submission of the memorandum was so that the new Panglima TNI could get an initial overview of all TNI programs that had been implemented, were being implemented and had not yet been implemented.

“Change of leadership in an organization has important and strategic meaning in the context of management of a modern organization such as the TNI. Both organizational managerial and professional regeneration in the TNI,” said Panglima Yudo.

Panglima Yudo further said that program improvements were still needed, both in terms of strength building and capacity building.

“I feel proud, despite the limitations we have, the TNI can still actualize its identity as Sapta Marga soldiers,” said Panglima Yudo.

“The TNI’s readiness to carry out its main tasks optimally is a necessity.”

“The spirit of change and modernization is a strong motivation, where the TNI continues to increase its professionalism, enrich its mastery of technology and strengthen its tough operations in response to the dynamics and complexity of the challenges it will face in the future,” he continued.

At the end of his briefing, Panglima Yudo also expressed his thanks and high appreciation to all parties who provided endless support, dedication and extraordinary hard work.

“Together we have carried out many tasks and challenges that require sincerity, fortitude, courage and tenacity,” he emphasized.

Also present at this activity were the Chief of Army Staff (KSAD), the Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL), the Chief of Air Staff (KSAU), the Commanders of the TNI ranks, the Forces and the main officials of the TNI Headquarters. Bembo

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