Ahead of Purna Bhakti, Panglima TNI Gives “Souvenir” of Inauguration of New Building

Panglima TNI Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono hit the gong marking the inauguration of 10 buildings in the TNI Headquarters area. This inauguration also serves as a "souvenir" from Panglima Yudo before ending his term as a TNI soldier on November, 26 2023.

Jakarta – Approaching his retirement period on November 26, Panglima TNI Laksamana TNI Yudo Margono is preparing a “souvenir” of the final phase of his duties as a TNI soldier. The “souvenir” in question is the inauguration of 10 new buildings and renovation of old buildings in the TNI Headquarters area.

This inauguration was carried out by the Panglima TNI on Monday, November 20 2023, only 6 days after his retirement.

The 10 new buildings he inaugurated were the Joglo Ageng and Alit houses, TNI Headquarters Food Court, TNI Headquarters Plaza renovation, TNI Headquarters Denma Hall, Jati Karya Flats, renovation of the TNI Psychology Center Building in Jatikarya, renovation of Koramil Headquarters 0621-09 Sukamakmur Regency Bogor, renovation of the TNI Headquarters Tridek Stadium and construction of a prayer room at the official residence on Jalan A Yani Menteng, Central Jakarta.

This inauguration was carried out simultaneously and was marked by the beating of the gong by the Panglima TNI and the cutting of the ribbon/flowers by the General Chairperson of Dharma Pertiwi, Mrs. Vero Yudo Margono.

After the inauguration, Panglima TNI Laksamana Yudo Margono immediately left a message that the construction and renovation of buildings and infrastructure could be utilized, guarded and maintained by soldiers.

“The food court can be used together, as a place for communication and interaction between colleagues, superiors and subordinates and can also be used as a place to receive guests from each member,” said Panglima Yudo.

Furthermore, the Panglima TNI also hopes that with the construction of these facilities and infrastructure, in the future soldiers can be more integrated and interact with each other. And you can also feel more comfortable in carrying out daily tasks.

Also present at the inauguration event was the General Chairperson of Dharma Pertiwi as well as administrators, Head of the TNI General, Danjen TNI Academy, Dansesko TNI, Dankodiklat TNI, Pangkogabwilhan I and II, Assistant Commanders of the TNI, Kapuspen TNI, as well as other main officials of the TNI Headquarters. Bembo

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