Aboard the KRI Alugoro – 405, the Kapolri is Pinned by the KSAL’s Brevet Shark Kencana

Jakarta – The Kapolri Gen. Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo received the Shark Kencana brevet. The Chief of Staff of the Navy (KSAL) Admiral Yudo Margono pinned the brevet at Pier 100, North Jakarta (Jakut).

“Today we all had the honor of getting Hiu Kencana wings attached,” said Kapolri Listyo Sigit aboard KRI Alugoro-405, North Jakarta, Monday (28/11).

The Kapolri said, that it was an honor for the Police to attach the Kencana Shark brevet. This brevet, continued the Kapolri, is a special certificate for Indonesian Navy soldiers controlling submarines.

“The Hiu Kencana wings are specially given to members of the Navy who have special specifications so they can be selected to control submarines,” said the Kapolri.

Furthermore, the Kapolri also revealed that the pinning of this brevet is a sign of the TNI-Polri’s commitment to maintaining synergy and solidity. Including the solidity of the TNI-Polri in maintaining the sovereignty of the Indonesian nation.

He also emphasized that the synergy between the TNI and Polri continues to be committed to safeguarding the safety of the Indonesian people from all forms of disturbing threats. Thus, the Kapolri said, the situation and condition of the nation had become much better.

“Maintaining sovereignty and maintaining the safety of the community, nation and state will be better,” concluded the four-star general who graduated from the 1991 Bhara Daksa Battalion of the Police Academy firmly. bembo


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