Polsek Metro Tamansari Arrested 2 Perpetrators of Acid Spraying

Two perpetrators who sprinkled acid on AF victims in Mangga Besar were successfully arrested by the Reskrim Polsek Metro Tamansari.

Jakarta – Polsek Metro Tamansari succeeded in arresting the perpetrator who sprinkled acid on a young man with the initials AF in front of the RW 05 office, Jalan Mangga Besar 1 Dalam, Mangga Besar, Tamansari, West Jakarta.

The perpetrators with the initials TO (28) and FRA (20) were ambushed by the Reskrim Polsek Metro Tamansari without resistance. TO is the main perpetrator of acid spraying. Meanwhile, the colleague who helped him with the initials Ben has DPO status and is still being hunted by officers.

Kapolsek Metro Tamansari Kompol Adhi Wardana explained to reporters that the incident of acid spraying occurred a month ago, exactly on Saturday, October 21 2023 at around 23.00 WIB.

Victim AF who was hanging out in front of the post was suddenly approached by around 10 young men riding motorbikes with each other.

“The perpetrators, brandishing sharp weapons, challenged the victim and his friends who were hanging out at the time,” said Kompol Adhi Wardana, Wednesday, (29/11) yesterday.

Seeing this, Kapolsek Adhi, the victim and his colleagues were provoked and chased the group of youths

However, what was unexpected was that when the victim’s group managed to secure one of the young men from the group, the victim’s group was suddenly attacked by another group, causing the victim and his friends to run for their lives.

“Unfortunately, the victim with the initials AF was hit with acid thrown at him by the perpetrator with the initials TO (28),” explained the officer who graduated from the Bakti Satria Akpol Battalion 2007.

As a result of this incident, the victim was rushed to the RSUD Tamansari to receive help and report the incident to the Polsek Metro Tamansari.

Meanwhile, the two perpetrators of acid sprinkling who were arrested, namely TO and FRA (28), were each charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code and Article 2 paragraph 1 of Emergency Law Number 12 of 1951 concerning sharp weapons. Bembo

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