Polres Bogor Stepped in to Help with the Problem of Clean Water Shortages in the Dry Season

Kapolres Bogor, AKBP Rio Wahyu Anggoro.

Bogor – Polres Bogor, West Java, stepped in to help overcome the problem of drought or lack of clean water this dry season. One of them is the activity of distributing clean water aid.

Kapolres Bogor, AKBP Rio Wahyu Anggoro, told reporters that the ranks of the Polres Bogor together with Kodim 0621/Bogor Regency were working together to help distribute clean water to areas affected by the drought.

Apart from that, he continued, his party is also trying to help build water installations at Islamic boarding schools. It’s not just residential areas that are affected by the drought.

The Kapolres Rio also said that recently his party had drilled a water source at the Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) in the Sukaraja area. Reportedly, the Islamic boarding school now has a water installation which can also benefit the surrounding community.

“We will not stop here. “We are going to another Islamic boarding school,” said the Kapolres Rio.

“We will not stop here. “We will enter another Islamic boarding school,” he added.

He also said that his party had prepared a priority scale to help build water installations in other Islamic boarding schools.

“If there is no water content or sediment around the Islamic boarding school, then we will withdraw the water installation in collaboration with the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM),” he explained.

Based on information from the Bogor Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), currently it is reported that 146 villages are affected by drought or lack of clean water. The affected villages are spread across 32 sub-districts. Bembo

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