Polda Metro Jaya Holds Thanksgiving Celebration of the 73rd Anniversary of the Polairud Corps

Wakapolda Metro Jaya, Brigjen Pol Suyudi Ario Seto, poses for a group photo after giving an appreciation for the personnel of the Dit Polairud Polda Metro Jaya who have retired from duty at the thanksgiving event commemorating the 73rd anniversary of the Police Polairud Baharkam Corps at the Metro Jaya Meeting Hall (BPMJ), Friday, (1/12).

Jakarta – Polda Metro Jaya held a thanksgiving event to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Water and Air Police Corps (Polairud) at the Metro Jaya Meeting Hall (BPMJ), Friday, (1/12).

The 73rd anniversary of the Polairud Corps in 2023 has the theme “Precision Polairud Ready to Secure Peaceful Elections Towards an Advanced Indonesia”.

At Polda Metro Jaya, the celebration and thanksgiving for the 73rd Anniversary of the Polairud Corps was attended by the Wakapolda for Metro Jaya Brigjen Pol Suyudi Ario Seto, the Main Officials (PJU) of Polda Metro Jaya and the Kapolres’s at Polda Metro Jaya.

And in his speech, at the beginning of his sentence, Wakapolda Suyudi immediately wished the National Police Polairud Baharkam Corps a happy 73rd birthday.

“Happy birthday to the Polairud Corps Baharkam Polri wherever you are. Hopefully the Polairud Corps can continue to be the Bhayangkara guardians of the archipelago’s aerospace and maritime affairs who are always ready to provide the best Dharmabakti for the realization of a golden Indonesia in 2045,” said Wakapolda Suyudi.

He also explained that the challenges of the Police’s duties in the future will be increasingly difficult. Therefore, it must be ensured that personnel, facilities and infrastructure are prepared to be able to carry out a quick response to maintain the stability of security and public order in the country.

Especially now that the election phase is starting to take place, where extra security is needed to maintain a safe and comfortable situation and conditions in society.

For this reason, Wakapolda
Suyudi advised all personnel to provide optimal security support, especially in securing the distribution of election logistics.

Ending this thanksgiving activity, Wakapolda Suyudi was given the opportunity to cut the tumpeng. After that, a social event was held providing compensation to representatives of orphaned children and giving awards in the form of taliasih to retired personnel from the Directorate of Polairud Polda Metro Jaya. Bembo

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