Panglima TNI Rotates, Brigjen TNI Achiruddin Becomes Danpaspampres

Brigjen TNI Achiruddin was promoted from Wadanjen Kopassus to Danpaspampres and was entitled to the rank of 2 stars on his shoulders.

Jakarta – Panglima TNI Jenderal TNI Agus Subiyanto carried out a refresher by rotating the strategic positions of 49 high-ranking officers (Pati) and middle officers within the TNI.

This rotation of positions is stated in TNI Commander’s Decree Number Kep/1384/XI/2023 concerning Dismissal from and Appointment to Positions within the Indonesian National Army dated 29 November.

Of the 49 officers affected by the rotation, one of them was the Wadanjen Kopassus, BrigjenvTNI Achiruddin, who was promoted to Commander of the Presidential Security Forces (Danpaspampres). The position of Wadanjen Kopassus left by Brigjen TNI Achiruddin will be filled by Brigjen TNI Yudha Airlangga, who was previously Danpusdiklatpassus Kopassus.

Brigjen TNI Achiruddin was appointed Danpaspampres replacing Mayjen TNI Rafael Granada Baay who was moved to become Pangdam V/Brawijaya. Meanwhile, the previous Pangdam V/Brawijaya, Mayjen TNI Farid Makruf, was shifted to Kaskostrad.

For the previous Kaskostrad official, Mayjen TNI Muhammad Saleh Mustafa, during this rotation he was promoted to Pangkostrad. He replaced Jenderal TNI Maruli Simanjuntak who had just been appointed Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the State Palace, Wednesday, (29/11).

The following is a complete list of 49 TNI officers who were transferred, promoted and rotated:

1. Mayjen TNI Muhammad Saleh Mustafa, from Kaskostrad to Pangkostrad.

2. MayTNI Farid Makruf, from Pangdam V/Brawijaya to Kaskostrad

3. Mayjen TNI Rafael Granada Baay, from Danpaspampres to Pangdam V/Brawijaya

4. Brigjen TNI Achiruddin, from Wadanjen Kopassus to Danpaspampres

5. Brigjen TNI Yudha Airlangga, from Danpusdiklatpassus Kopassus to Wadanjen Kopassus

6. Kolonel TNI Ahmad Fikri Musmar, from Paban V/Bhakti TNI Ster TNI to Danpusdiklatpassus Kopassus

7. Mayjen TNI Kasuri, from Asrena KSAD to Pati Headquarters TNI AD (in order to retire)

8. Brigjen TNI I Gusti Ngurah Wisnu Wardana, from Danpussansiad to Asrena KSAD

9. Brigjen TNI Yudha Fitri, from Special Staff of KSAD to Danpussansiad

10. Mayjen TNI Dwi Darmadi, from Aslat KSAD to Special Staff KSAD

11. Brigjen TNI Jonathan Binsar Parluhutan Sianipar, from Special Staff of KSAD to Assistant Chief of Staff of KSAD

12. Brigjen TNI FX Giyono, from Dirdiklat Pusterad to Pati Headquarters TNI AD (in order to retire)

13. Brigjen TNI Togar PRL Pangaribuan, from Widyaiswara Bid Wilhan Seskoad to Dirdiklat Pusterad

14. Brigjen TNI Imam Sampurno Setiawan, from Asintel Kaskostrad to Widyaiswara Bid Wilhan Seskoad

15. Kolonel TNI Putra Widyawinaya, from Paban IV/Pam Sintelad to Asintel Kaskostrad

16. Brigjen TNI Sidik, from Kasisjarahad to Pati Headquarters TNI AD (in order to retire)

17. Brigjen TNI Arif Cahyono, from Waaspers KSAD for Renpers to Kadisjarahad

18. Brigjen TNI Ayi Lesmana, from Directorate General of Pothan Ministry of Defense to Deputy Chief of Army Staff for Renpers

19. Brigjen TNI Yos Firmansyah, from Widyaiswara Sector Jemen Akmil to Special Staff of KSAD

20. Brigjen TNI Afianto, from Irops Itum Itjenad to Widyaiswara Sector Jemen Akmil

21. Brigjen TNI Gregorius Suharso, Waasopd KSAD Sector Ready to become Irops Itum Itjenad

22. Brigjen TNI Lucky Avianto, from Special Staff of KSAD to Deputy Chief of Staff of KSAD for Preparedness

23. Brigjen TNI Raflan, from Pa Sahli Tk II KSAD Bid. Was Europe and America became the Special Staff of the Army Chief of Staff

24. Brigjen TNI Berlin Germany, from Waasrenum Commander of the TNI to Pa Sahli Tk II KSAD Bid. Was Europe and America

25. Kolonel Arh TNI Harvin Kidingallo, from Paban II/Renproggar to Deputy Commander of the TNI

26. Laksma TNI Gatot Sugiarto, from Kababek TNI to Special Staff of the KSAL

27. Kolonel Cba TNI Irawan, from Paban V/Bek Slogad to Kababek TNI

28. Brigjen TNI Faisal Ahmadi, from Dirajenad to Special Staff of the Army Chief of Staff

29. Kolonel Caj TNI Kris Doni Indriato, from Main Lecturer at Seskoad to Dirajenad

30. Brigjen TNI Heri Sutrisma, from Kapoksahli Pangdam XIV/Hasanuddin to Special Staff of KSAD

31. Brigjen TNI Tri Saktiyono, from Dirjianbang Akmil to Kapoksahli Pangdam XIV/Hasanuddin

32. Brigjen TNI Hari Mulyanto, from Pa Sahli Tk II KSAD Bid. Banusia became Dirjianbang Akmil

33. Brigjen TNI Agus Setiawan, from Wadan Secapaad became Pa Sahli Tk II KSAD Bid. Banusia

34. Brigjen TNI Taufiq Hanafi, from Waaspers Commander of the TNI to Wadan Secapaad

35. Brigjen TNI Budi Eko Mulyono, from Dirum Pussenarmed to Waaspers Commander of the TNI

36. Brigjen TNI Budi Suwanto, from Kapoksahli Danpusterad to Dirum Pussenarmed

37. Brigjen TNI Anan Nurakhman, from Danrem 061/SK (Bogor) Kodam III/Siliwangi becomes Kapoksahli Danpusterad

38. Kolonel Inf TNI Faisol Izuddin Karimin, from Dangrup A Paspampres to Danrem 061/SK (Bogor) Kodam III/Siliwangi

39. Marsma TNI I Gede Widarma Suyasa, from Head of TNI Village Headquarters to KSAU Special Staff

40. Brigjen TNI Jamalulael, from Kadislaikad to Kapusada TNI

41. Brigjen TNI Agus Isrok Mikrok, from Director of Sumdahan, Directorate General of Defense, Ministry of Defense to Kadislaikad

42. Laksda TNI Yayan Sofiyan, from Pangkoarmada II to Assistant Chief of Staff KSAL

43. Laksda TNI Denih Hendraya, from Asops KSAL to Pangkoarmada II

44. Marsda TNI Wahyu Hidayat Sudjatmiko, from Dankopasgat to KSAU Special Staff

45. Marsda TNI Yudi Bustami, from Kaskogarap II/Bdg to Dankopasgat

46. ​​Marsma TNI Tri Bowo Setyo, from Ir Kopasgat to Kaskogartap II/Bgd

47. Kolonel Pas TNI Elia Adriyanto, from Irutops Itops Itjenau to Ir Kopasgat

48. Mayjen TNI (Mar) Edi Juardi, from Special Staff Chief of KSAL to Pati Headquarters TNI AL (on retirement)

49. Brigjen TNI Akhmad Zainul Arifin, from the Middle Expert Intelligence Agent at the Telematics Directorate, Deputy Bid. BIN Technology Intelligence becomes Pati Headquarters of the Indonesian Army (in connection with retirement). Bembo

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