Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara Leads Korpri’s 52nd Anniversary Celebration Celebration

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan with Korpri employees at the North Jakarta Metro Police during the celebration of Korpri's 52nd anniversary.

Jakarta – Polres Metro Jakarta Utara held a thanksgiving to commemorate the 52nd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia Civil Service Corps (Korpri) in 2023 in the Wira Satya Hall, 6th Floor Polres Metro Jakarta Utara, last Wednesday, (29/11). This thanksgiving event was led directly by Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan.

In his speech, Kapolres Gidion Arif Setyawan expressed his congratulations and appreciation for the dedication and contribution of civil servants in realizing development and quality public services. He also appreciated the spirit of mutual cooperation and solidarity among Korpri members to achieve common goals.

“On the momentum of Korpri’s 52nd anniversary, let’s increase our enthusiasm and commitment to continue working with integrity, professionalism and loyalty to the tasks we carry out for the sake of progress and mutual prosperity,” said Kapolres Gidion in his speech.

“Once again I wish KORPRI a happy 52nd birthday. “Hopefully in the future we will be more professional, independent and prosperous in carrying out the tasks given,” he continued.

It must be acknowledged, that the participation of the Polres Metro Jakarta Utara in celebrating Korpri’s anniversary shows the Polri’s commitment to being actively involved in community and government activities.

The presence of Korpri employees at the Polres Metro Jakarta Utara is also an example of the neat and solid synergy between the police and government agencies to support development and public services in Jakarta Utara and its surroundings. Bembo

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