Kapolda Metro Asks All Parties to Help Maintain Security in the 2024 Election

Jakarta – Kapolda Metro Jaya Irjen Pol Karyoto asked all parties to participate in maintaining security in the 2024 elections. He also advised supporters of each presidential and vice presidential candidate not to fight or clash with each other.

“Yes, now is the first day of the campaign. The most important thing is to understand to the grassroots that fighting and disputes are useless. Because we are in the same boat. That’s where we want to go,” said Kapolda Karyoto in front of the Indonesian KPU Office, Jakarta, Tuesday, (28/11).

He said, all parties participating in the election are obliged to compete fairly. Differences of opinion are normal, the most important thing is not to provoke each other.

“Let’s do it together, let’s do it together fairly. The election is just an election. Different views, different opinions please, right? “Finally we have one,” said Kapolda Karyoto.

“Well, this is what we are trying to do. Instill in the public not to be provoked and that all activities related to elections can be carried out politely. That’s the most important thing,” he added.

Kapolda Karyoto also emphasized that the police will not discriminate regarding the security of candidate pairs. All candidate pairs receive the same priority.

“Still the same. It is certainly a priority for all of us to ensure security and all voters are the same. “We still prioritize being polite voters,” he said again.

Furthermore, he also emphasized Polda Metro Jaya’s commitment to maximizing security in every 2024 election process.

“In Syaa Allah, it’s not just the National Police, TNI, government, the Governor and his staff. “We have all tried to create conditions at the start,” said Kapolda Karyoto.

“Now we have entered the phases that are our focus on the election stages. We provide maximum security. “We, the government and the TNI work hand in hand,” he continued emphasizing. Bembo

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