Allegedly Involved in Coldplay Concert Ticket Fraud, GDA Suspect’s Mother Reported to Polres Metro Jakpus

Gischa Debora Aritonang (GDA), a suspect in fraud and embezzlement of Coldplay concert tickets, was detained at the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat.

Jakarta – The mother of Gischa Debora Aritonang (GDA), a Coldplay concert ticket fraud suspect named Vera Debora, was reported as a fraud victim named Reza (30), to the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat. Reza made the report through his lawyer on Friday, (24/11) last week.

The report was recorded with number LP/B/2835/XI/2023/SPKT/POLRES METRO JAKPUS/POLDA METRO JAYA, dated November 24 2023.

According to Reza, he made the police report (LP) because he strongly suspected that Vera was involved in Ghisca’s fraud. The reason is, Reza was once asked by GDA to transfer the DP (down payment) for Coldplay concert tickets to a BCA account in the name of Vera Debora.

Reza admitted to transferring around Rp427 million to GDA in stages. And one of the transfer processes was sent to Vera Debora’s account. The total money, said Reza, was used to buy Coldplay concert tickets in various categories.

“It turns out I (had) transferred Coldplay’s money (concert tickets) to his mother’s (account). Just realized, (transferring for) CAT 4 two tickets, the price is Rp4,200,000,” said Reza while showing a screenshot of proof of transfer, Wednesday, (29/11) yesterday.

As time went by, GDA, which was unable to fulfill the ticket procurement, returned Rp150 million. The return is accompanied by proof of transfer. Then Reza again received notification that Rp30 million had entered his account from GDA’s mother, Vera.

Reza considered, that the money was part of the money that GDA had to return to him. This means that of the total IDR 427 million sent, GDA only returned Rp180 million. There is still another Rp247 million that has not been returned by GDA.

As previously reported, Central Jakarta Metro Police investigators have named GDA as a suspect in a case of alleged fraud and embezzlement of Coldplay concert ticket money. In its deceptive actions, GDA admitted to its victims that they knew someone from the promoters. He then offered tickets at low prices to his friends who worked as resellers.

“GDA offered it to its friends as a reseller on the pretext that the ticket was a complementary ticket which was promised to be (given) before the concert,” said Kapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Kombes Pol Susatyo Purnomo Condro during a press conference at the Mapolrestro Jakarta Pusat, some time ago.

“The person concerned assured that he knew the intermediary or promoter. In fact, from May to November there was no communication with intermediaries or promoters,” continued Kapolres Susatyo.

Overall, the total losses incurred by GDA reached Rp5.1 billion or the equivalent of 2,268 tickets. The Trisakti University student who lives in Cikupa, Tangerang Regency, is currently languishing in a detention cell at the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat and is under suspicion of Article 378 concerning Fraud and/or 372 concerning embezzlement with the threat of a sentence of four years in prison each. Bembo

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